Letters from the North Pole

Reading and writing: fun for the kids, easy for the parents

Kids can have fun reading

Is it a chore to get your child to read?

Are you running out of ideas to help them read?

Do you want ideas to prepare your preschooler to become a better reader?

Ask Santa to send them a letter they will want to read.

Every month, Santa will send a personal letter to your child, sharing stories about what the reindeer are doing, the elves and Mrs Claus too. 

These letters and activities should pique the interest of children between 4 and 8 years old, or at least, as long as they believe in the magic of Santa.

Literacy includes much more than just reading and writing

It is all around us. Written messages take many forms and you read more often than you think:

  • you read to choose which cereal box you will grab for breakfast
  • you read when you check the time to see when the hockey game will start
  • you read when you have to pay at the store with money (or even with a debit card)
  • you read when you have some directions to find someone’s house
  • you read when you get a card from the doctor with your next appointment 
  • you read when you find the seat that is mentioned on your concert ticket
  • you read when you check the menu at the restaurant (even the take-out)
  • you read when you get your power bill in the mail 

There are similar ways to get your child to read (and write) without him even knowing it.

Get your child reading, and s/he will even like it!

Each mailing will include:

  • a letter to your child in its own envelope addressed to him/her
  • a photo about what is happening in the North Pole
  • a literacy activity (s/he won’t notice)

The child’s letter will be mailed inside a larger envelope addressed to you with additional information on the activity and possibly additional details. You have the opportunity to put the child’s letter in the mailbox so s/he can discover it her/himself!