Letters from the North Pole

Reading and writing: fun for the kids, easy for the parents

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recommended age?

Children could start doing the activities at around 3 with the help of the adults. The upper limit will depend if they still believe in Santa. I have two children (siblings). Will their letters be identical? No. If they are two or more children in the household, the letters will be tweaked to tell the same stories, but slightly differently. Can I get one letter for two children? If you want, yes. You would have to make sure you indicate it somewhere, or send us an email about it. If I register two children to receive a single letter together, will the activities fit both? If the children are of different ages, it is recommended to order separate letters so they can suit their age. If they are very close in age, some material will be doubled, some not, depending on the activity. Do you offer other languages than English? We offer letters and activities in French and English. I work in a child care center. Do you have options for groups? You can contact us to discuss a possible option.
Do you have more questions? Just contact us and Santa or one if his elves will respond.